Ernesto T.A. Marques Jr., MD, PhD

Ernesto Marques Associate Professor
Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
9022 BST3
3501 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15261

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Phone: (412) 648-2052
Fax: (412) 624-4440
Lab Information

Phone: (412) 624-3804
Lab Members:
      • Carvalho, Valeria Lima
      • Da Silva Castanha, Priscila Mayrelle
      • De Lucena Palma, Mariana
      • Douradinha Mateus, Bruno Goncalo
      • Freire Tabosa Viana, Isabelle
      • Gu, Guangchao
      • Konicki, Robyn Eileen
      • Marques Jr, Ernesto Torres De Azeved
      • Nascimento, Eduardo
      • Oliveira de Lima, Lucianna F


      Ernesto T. A. Marques Jr. graduated “summa cum laude “ as a medical doctor in 1993 at the “Universidade Federal de Pernambuco” in Brazil. In 1999 Dr. Marques obtained a Ph.D. degree in Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and in the same year became a Research Faculty at the Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences. In 2003 Dr. Marques became a consultant for the Fundação Osvaldo Cruz of Brazil, and in 2005, Dr. Marques was promoted to Assistant Professor in Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In 2006 Dr. Marques was appointed as Assistant Public Health Researcher at the Fundação Osvaldo Cruz, Centro de Pesquisa Aggeu Magalhães - CPqAM and is one of the founders of the Virology department. In 2009 Ernesto joined the Center for Vaccine Research as Associate Professor in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. In 2011 University of Pittsburgh and Fundação Osvaldo Cruz established a collaborative agreement and Dr. Marques has assumed the role of the liaison between the two institutions. Currently, Dr. Marques divides his time between Recife, Brazil and Pittsburgh and devotes his work to translational research on the development of preventive and therapeutic immunotherapies and diagnostic tools for epidemiological research. Dr. Marques research interests are focused on infectious diseases of importance to global, such as HIV, dengue and yellow fever.


      The research expertise of Dr. Marques is the engineering design of novel vaccines, immunotherapies and diagnostic markers based on defined correlates of protection and/or pathogenesis identified in human samples from well characterized cohorts. The strategy he used is based on de development of detailed T and B cell epitopes maps and characterization of innate immune response (immunomes) induced by the pathogenic agents. The laboratory apply a combination of computational technologies, high throughput immune assays in human samples and suitable human transgenic animal models. Using the immunome maps, we explore patterns correlated either with immunity or pathogenicity and design novel antigen formulations containing selected epitopes , adequate delivery methods and innate immune stimulation. Currently we are applying this strategy to study Dengue, yellow fever, HIV among other agents.

Selected Publications

  • Nascimento, E., Hottz, E., Garcia-Bates, T., Bozza, F., Marques, ET, & Barratt-Boyes, S. Emerging Concepts in Dengue Pathogenesis: Interplay between Plasmablasts, Platelets and Complement in Triggering Vasculopathy. Critical Reviews™ in Immunology. DOI: 10.1615/CritRevImmunol.2014010212

  • Ernesto TA Marques, Priya Chikhlikar, Luciana Barros de Arruda, Ihid C Leao, Yang Lu, Justin Wong, Juei-Suei Chen, Barry Byrne, J Thomas August. HIV-1 p55Gag Encoded in the Lysosome-associated Membrane Protein-1 as a DNA Plasmid Vaccine Chimera Is Highly Expressed, Traffics to the Major Histocompatibility Class II Compartment, and Elicits Enhanced Immune Responses. Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (39), 37926-37936. PMID: 12824194

  • Margherita Rosati, Antonio Valentin, Rashmi Jalah, Vainav Patel, Agneta von Gegerfelt, Cristina Bergamaschi, Candido Alicea, Deborah Weiss, Jim Treece, Ranajit Pal, Phillip D Markham, Ernesto TA Marques, J Thomas August, Amir Khan, Ruxandra Draghia-Akli, Barbara K Felber, George N Pavlakis. Increased immune responses in rhesus macaques by DNA vaccination combined with electroporation. Vaccine 26 (40), 5223-5229. PMID: 18468743

  • Luciana Barros De Arruda, Priya R Chikhlikar, J Thomas August, Ernesto TA Marques. DNA vaccine encoding human immunodeficiency virus‐1 Gag, targeted to the major histocompatibility complex II compartment by lysosomal‐associated membrane protein, elicits enhanced long‐term memory response. Immunology 112 (1), 126-135. PMID: 15129672

  • Ulisses M Braga-Neto, Ernesto TA Marques Jr. From functional genomics to functional immunomics: new challenges, old problems, big rewards. PLoS computational biology 2 (7), e81. PMID: 16863395

  • Yang Lu, Kanakatte Raviprakash, Ihid C Leao, Priya R Chikhlikar, Daniel Ewing, Azlinda Anwar, Claire Chougnet, Gerald Murphy, Curtis G Hayes, Thomas J August, Ernesto TA Marques Jr. Dengue 2 PreM-E/LAMP chimera targeted to the MHC class II compartment elicits long-lasting neutralizing antibodies. Vaccine 21 (17), 2178-2189. PMID: 12706709

  • Nascimento E, Mailliard R, Khan A, Sidney J, Sette A, Guzman N, Paulaitis M, Melo A, Cordeiro M, Gil L, Lemonnier F, Rinaldo CR, August J, Marques ET. Identification of Conserved and HLA Promiscuous DENV3 T-Cell Epitopes. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 2013 Oct 10; 7 (10):e2497.

  • Luciana B Arruda, Del Sim, Priya R Chikhlikar, Milton Maciel, Kenji Akasaki, J Thomas August, Ernesto TA Marques. Dendritic cell-lysosomal-associated membrane protein (LAMP) and LAMP-1-HIV-1 gag chimeras have distinct cellular trafficking pathways and prime T and B cell responses to a diverse repertoire of epitopes. The Journal of Immunology 177 (4), 2265-2275. PMID: 16887987

  • Eduardo JM Nascimento, Ana M Silva, Marli T Cordeiro, Carlos A Brito, Laura HVG Gil, Ulisses Braga-Neto, Ernesto TA Marques. Alternative complement pathway deregulation is correlated with dengue severity. PloS one 4 (8), e6782. PMID: 19707565

  • Marli Tenório Cordeiro, Ana Maria Silva, Carlos AA Brito, Eduardo JM Nascimento, Maria Cecilia F Magalhães, Georgia F Guimarães, Norma Lucena-Silva, Eduardo M Freese de Carvalho, Ernesto TA Marques. Characterization of a dengue patient cohort in Recife, Brazil. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene 77 (6), 1128-1134. PMID: 18165535

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